Code Open Sesame helps high school and college students teach coding to children in need.


Our Mission

There are a lot of organizations that will help you learn how to code. We're a little different. We are primarily a service organization. We recruit and train high school and college volunteers, and facilitate opportunities for them to go into homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters, and teach computer skills to children there.  

We believe that children who lack computer literacy will find themselves trapped, with their path forward blocked. We think learning code is a solution. Just like Ali Baba was able to free himself from the den of 40 thieves by knowing the code words “Open Sesame,” we believe that today’s underprivileged children will be able to free themselves from the trappings of poverty by knowing computer code. Our goal is to make opportunities to learn code available to disadvantaged children. We encourage all students to make time to share what they know, believing that both they and the children they teach will be better for it. For students who worry that they don’t know enough code themselves, we encourage them to learn along with the children. 

We hope you will come volunteer with us!

We also invite you to organize your own chapter of Code Open Sesame to teach coding to kids. We know you can do a lot of good where you are, and we're excited for you to start your own club!