Our project is dedicated to the memory of Dragon Kim, who said "Life is what you make it, so make it amazing." We are grateful to The Dragon Kim Foundation for sponsoring our work through the 2018 Dragon Kim Fellowship. You can support their work here.

the 2018 dragon kim fellows


Sophie Courtney, Yi-An Hsieh: All Girls Math League

Avalon Lafosse: Art for Relaxation Therapy (ART)

Justin Chao, Raj Parekh, Justin Lin: Capture Your Dreams

Katherine McPhie, Milan Narula: Code Open Sesame

Varsha Sandadi, Lisa Tang: Cookie Lab -- Science Behind Cooking

Austin Leehealey: Immigrant America

Claire Josey, Toby Fan: Saving Seniors’ Stories

Julia Wang, Brandon Calderon: STEAMachine

Kimberle Sotelo, Kiarra Machitar: The Domino Effect

Scott Wright, Thomas Chiaromonte, Mason Killion, AJ Marsh: Water Polo For All